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  • Moriya Munemitsu YHC | Left-handed yanagiba sashimi-bocho 305mm | Knife Japan

Moriya Munemitsu YHC left-handed Yanagiba 305mm

Limited production, if not available ex-stock then delivery may be up to 6 months depending on forging schedule. Please enquire about delivery prior to placing your order.

Product Description

The three key elements to producing a fine traditional Japanese knife don't change.

First is what Moriya Munemitsu Hamono describes as yoi sozai o shiyō suru koto: the use of quality materials, meaning steel with absolutely minimal impurities. The second is saitekina netsushori o suru koto: optimal heat treatment - hardening, annealing and tempering - without which quality materials won't mean much. Thirdly, seizō kakō, ha-tsuke: the process of manufacture and sharpening, that of creating a well-balanced knife with the cutting weight and sharpness professional users expect.

Moriya Munemitsu YHC prides itself on fulfilling these three requirements to the letter. It should come as no surprise; this is the Yasugi Specialty Steels subsidiary that produces and markets these professional-grade knives across Japan. 

Parent company YSS produces the high-grade aogami#2 alloy steel. Moriya Munemitsu's optimal heat treatment of this 'in-house' steel results in a blade with high hardness and resistance to chipping. Ha-tsuke - let's call it edge sculpting - in turn delivers an outstanding cutting tool. Asked the essence of their success in a competitive market, Moriya Munemitsu tells us that it derives from many years of research and experience, and deep consideration of the requirements of their users. 

Moriya Munemitsu's single-bevel yanagibas are hand-forged in the traditional measurement of 'shaku' and 'sun'. This is their 1-shaku sashimi-bocho, measuring 305mm total blade length from the handle or a little over 290mm along the cutting edge heel-to-tip.* This is a hand-forged item so expect measurements to vary slightly from knife to knife. An interesting aside, this 'shaku' (尺) unit of measurement has its roots in China and is based on the length of a person's forearm.

* Japanese knifemakers might state the length of a yanagiba using the longer or the shorter measure depending on tradition in their part of Japan. Moriya Munemitsu YHC uses the longer.

Blade steel: YSS Aogami#2 | nantetsu
Bevel: Kataha single bevel
Blade construction: Ni-mai awase
Right-handed: Information and images here
Handle: Hounoki (Magnolia)
Ferrule: Suigyu (Water buffalo horn)
Blade length: 305mm
Blade width: 35mm
Blade spine: 4.5mm
Handle length: 147mm
Handle thickness: 25x21mm
Weight in hand: 213g

Moriya Munemitsu YHC, Shimane Prefecture

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