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Kurogane Workshop / Kochi

Hayashi san, Kurogane Workshop
Master Hayashi Nobuya

OK, so have you ever thought you'd like to live in a place where you just wanted to breathe the air. Do your own thing. Make new friends. Satisfy your creativity. Go at your own pace.

Well, a suggestion: the Shimanto River in Kochi Prefecture. Neighbor to Hayashi san. Live that life.

Kurogane Workshop is located - tucked away, really - at the western end of Shikoku island, Japan's fourth largest, within reach of the knife making powerhouse of Tosa, but much quieter. An area of great natural beauty. The Shimanto itself is one of only two undisturbed, naturally flowing rivers in Japan (the power of the fishing fraternity, apparently), even a brief visit reveals a hint of old-style living - and a leaning toward natural conservation - that strikes a chord with an ex-pat Tasmanian knife merchant.

It may be a reflection of his lifestyle that Hayashi san eschews the hard sell. He's interested in connections over commerce, and to invest in one of his single-artisan knives is to join a fraternity of owners who have likely found him through personal connections of their own. Our philosophies align, and Knife Japan is very proud to present Hayashi san's work. 

A small request! When placing your order, shoot us a message that we can pass along to Mr Hayashi. He'd love to know about you.