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  • Tanaka Kama Kogyo Bunka-bocho|Taso-ko Shirogami#1|17cm ・6.7" |Knife Japan
  • Tanaka Kama Kogyo Bunka-bocho|Taso-ko Shirogami#1|17cm ・6.7" |Knife Japan
  • Tanaka Kama Kogyo Bunka-bocho|Taso-ko Shirogami#1|17cm ・6.7" |Knife Japan

Tanaka Kama Kogyo Bunka-bocho 170mm Shirogami #1

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Product Description

We'll admit it was tempting to label Tanaka san's smart bunka-bocho a 'damascus' knife, with all the mystery and romance that little marketing slip-of-the-tongue implies.

Trouble is, there are steel purists in Japan who don't really go along with the idea of a tasō-kō ('multi-layer') blade being labelled 'damascus' (we have the strong impression Tanaka san is one).

For one thing this fine bunka blade is forged from Yasugihagane - Shirogami#1 - and not subcontinental wootz. Then there's the fact nobody in the world actually knows how to forge a true damascus blade...

So it's a tasō-kō bunka, and that's OK. You get the beauty of 7-fold steel with those delicate flowing lines, you get the food release benefits, you get the wonderful cutting feel of one of Japan's most lauded cutlery steels. You get a tall-ish black-forged all-rounder of moderate length for everyday use, with easy sharpening and a long-life edge. In this case you also get a beautiful sandalwood handle, it looks the business and will last pretty much forever. All good, just don't mention the 'D' word.

Matsubara knives are characterized by a slender spine; this means they're comparatively light for their length and profile. Traditional lightness in combination with Tanaka Kama Kogyo's high-grade handles, quality steels and Japanese sharpness adds up to a lot of cutting pleasure in the kitchen. 

Blade steel: YSS Shirogami#1 | nantetsu
Bevel: Ryōba double bevel
Blade construction: Tasō-kō multilayer
Handle: Shitan (sandalwoood)
Ferrule: Suigyu (water buffalo horn)
Blade length: 170mm
Blade width: 52mm
Blade spine: 3.5mm
Handle length: 127mm
Handle thickness: 26mm x 19mm
Weight in hand: 135g

Tanaka Kama Kogyo, Matsubara cho, Nagasaki Prefecture

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