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Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Yasha Yukawa, swordsmith.



 Immersive Sword Smithy Experience and Sword Appreciation Ceremony with Yasha Yukawa


Visiting West Japan? Observe half-Swedish, half-Japanese licenced swordsmith Yasha Yukawa at work in this fascinating window into the world of traditional Japanese sword making, with Yasha himself providing explanations of the materials, techniques and spiritual aspects of his craft.

Directly experience the beauty and artistry of the Japanese sword through a sword appreciation ceremony at a traditional Japanese location. Learn the correct handling of a Japanese sword, and understand the processes, time and skills applied to transform Tamahagane jewel steel into a completed piece.

Events are held twice a month, and dates will be discussed with participants.

There are 3 different programs available.

Program details:

Each program requires a minimum of 2 participants, and a maximum of 12.

Program 1 - Smithy Experience (approx. 60 mins) Adults (18 and older) ¥12,000 per person

A tour of the Japanese sword smithy, experiencing and observing various swordmaking craftsmanship. Participants will observe the unique tools for this craft, including the traditional wooden bellows system (fuigo). This is followed by a presentation of Tamahagane that participants can touch and interact with, and then observing the process of tamatsubushi.

Program 2 - Full Smithy Experience (approx. 120 mins) Adults (18 and older) ¥22,000 per person. Group/family discounts are available.

Along with the Smithy Experience, after observing tamatsubushi, Yasha will present a sword and show either the processes of ‘sunobe’ or ‘hizukuri’. ‘Sunobe’ is the lengthening of the sword to its proper proportions by hitting hot iron with a hammer against an anvil. Alternatively, ‘hizukuri’; where a handheld hammer is used to create the ridges on the side of the blade and to finalise the shape of the sword. 

Program 3 - Full Smithy Experience and Sword Appreciation Ceremony (approx. 120 mins + 60 mins ceremony) Adults (18 and older) ¥42,000 per person. Group/family discounts are available.

After the Full Smithy Experience, in the afternoon, participants will go to a historically significant location in Hofu City to take part in a Sword Appreciation Ceremony. Here, Yasha will present various swords and participants will get the opportunity to touch and hold these sacred swords, and appreciate them in a traditionally correct way. Please allow a full-day for this program, as it will be split in the morning and afternoon.

Other information:

- No age restrictions, but please note that various presentations involve fire and powerful striking with traditional tools, and young children must be closely supervised.

- Craftsmen and organising staff are fluent in English, Japanese, German, and Swedish.

- No special clothing requirement. Please note that the smithy is in a natural mountainous region, and to wear clothes appropriate for the season

More information about Yasha Yukawa:

Swordsmith name: Kagami Yashamaro

Yasha Yukawa was raised in Japan and Sweden. He attended the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts and upon returning to Japan, commenced his swordmaking apprenticeship under the tutelage of Master Kagemasa Matsuba (formerly known as Kunimasa Matsuba) in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

Training / 2009-2016

Trained through the traditional Japanese apprentice system, under the Mukansa swordsmith Master Kunimasa Matsuba.

Graduation / 2016

Passed the national swordsmith examination, and became officially recognised as a traditional Japanese swordsmith, licensed under the laws of the Japanese government. Commenced as an independent swordsmith in the mountains of Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Exhibition / 2018

Maiden solo exhibition at the Art Hall Aspirato in Hofu City.

Sword Competition / 2019

Submitted a katana to the yearly NBTHK sword competition, and was awarded the "nyusen" prize.

Sword Competition / 2020

Submitted a tanto to the yearly NBTHK sword competition, and was awarded the "nyusen" prize.

For further information and to apply, please visit: https://laspadagallery.com/contact/

For more information on Yasha Yukawa: https://yashayukawa.com