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Homi Kajiya / Yamaguchi

Homi Kajiya, Yamaguchi
Homi Kajiya no longer sells bicycles. Please don't call us.

One of the great pleasures of traveling around finding new products for Knife Japan, is meeting new people.

Sitting down with Homi san was a hoot. Just one of those guys who's open to everything, assumes nothing, makes a visitor feel welcome and valued, and has an antique Humber sign! Homi Kajiya was a local dealer for Humber Cycles back in the 1950's.

Your writer grew up with Humber. Humber Supersnipe cars, admittedly, but walking into Homi san's workplace in rural Yamaguchi prefecture and seeing that name brought back a raft of memories.

Meeting Homi san was a nice new memory. Sometimes the knives are secondary, but Homi san's blades really shouldn't be. They're quite special, and we're proud to present them on Knife Japan. Looking forward to our next visit to Mine city and Homi san.