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Ordering and Shipping


Thank you for your interest in purchasing from Knife Japan. We'll do our best to make this a good experience for you.

Shipping is free for all orders and all destinations. We ship orders by Japan Post EMS. This is the fastest, safest way to send your insured, trackable order from Japan. On shipping your order we will send you a consignment number and link so you can track the progress of your delivery. If you live outside the EMS delivery service area (and not many of us do) we will send your order by airmail.

If your order absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight we most likely can't help, sorry. We can possibly achieve third-day delivery using Fedex, DHL or another carrier, which we're happy to arrange, however it will require an additional payment from you and most likely a big one (to the carrier, not to us). 

Please also note that here in Japan we are subject to typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rain and an unusually high number of public holidays that can and do disrupt courier and postal services from time to time. Usually only by a day or two. Don't worry, we'll always keep you up to date with what's happening with your order. 


From the day you place your order:

USA/Canada: 5-8 days
Europe: 7-10 days
Australia/Asia: 6-9 days

In most cases, if you live in or near a major city you will receive your order quickly. If you're in a more rural area your order will be delivered a little later but we're sure you'll be ready for that. Please be sure to check your EMS tracking information.

In rare cases a knife may have to be custom made for you and this will take extra time. We'll keep you informed at every step.

Please note that you may be responsible for additional duties/taxes on your order upon delivery.

Yes, some national governments collect taxes when an overseas purchase is delivered. Import duty, too. 

If you are purchasing more than one item, splitting your order can sometimes make a difference. We can do that. Understating the value of your order to avoid tax is not something we do. You could easily forfeit your goods and we don't want to be caught in that crossfire. Let's play by the rules.