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Bread Knife

We'll let you into a little secret. Japanese consumers like bread. They like to buy it, they like to buy machines so they can bake it at home. They love bakeries, and they love a good gourmet sandwich. We can't blame them! Japanese roast pork sandwiches are... a slice of heaven.

In fact, bread is an entirely different ball game in Japan. It's... more imaginative. Better! In Japan bread is a fancy western food and more effort is put into baking it, packaging it, presenting it. Bread in Japan is bread from every tradition, without preconceptions. 

Sometimes it must be sliced. What better for the task than a lovingly hand-forged straight-edge bread knife? Not the best for a hard and heavy sourdough maybe, but nice to own. And we'll let you into another little secret. You can use it for cake.