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Otsuka Hamono / Tottori

Otsuka Hamono, Tottori Prefecture

We're a little bit envious of Otsuka san's life.

No internet. No smartphone. No cell phone, for heaven's sake. While the rest of us run hither tither keeping up with the news and the Joneses as we spin around the sun, Otsuka san works undisturbed in the otherwise quiet mountains of Tottori prefecture, focused and free of distractions.

Otsuka san is a sociable fellow but he has zero interest in fielding commercial enquiries, ours of five years past included. His work is in high demand and the knives he completes today are fulfilling orders placed by an exclusive group of direct customers up to twelve months ago. Our new friend Tanaka san is one of that select group.

We thought we'd never be able to offer Otsuka knives on Knife Japan, but here we are. Thank you, Tanaka san!