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Returns, Replacements and Refunds


We hope we do a good job of describing the products we sell, however we know that nothing can beat holding a knife in your hand to know it's right for you. We want our customers to be able to buy with confidence and so we have a generous returns policy in case things don't work out.

Any item may be returned in unused condition for any reason. We think thirty days is ample time to send an order back to us. You may choose:

  • An identical replacement item. Upon receipt of a returned item we will send your replacement item free of charge.
  • A store credit. With the return of your purchase we can issue a store credit equal to your initial purchase plus the agreed cost of return postage. There are no time limits on your use of this store credit.
  • A refund. If you prefer, upon receipt of your returned item we will provide a full refund. Additional store credit equal to the cost of return postage will be issued separately for use against future purchases. 

Please understand that using your knife is the point of no return. This is very important! If you cut anything with your purchase it is yours to keep. We cannot and do not accept the return of items that have been used or 'tried'. By all means hold the product in your hand to feel the weight, balance and texture of the handle, but please understand that cutting with it is the point of no return.

The return of a purchased product can be managed through the 'Order Status' menu. When we have received your return notification we will be in touch to ensure the process is speedy and hassle-free. 

Returns, Replacements, Refunds Quick FAQ

Really? Can I return an item for any reason?

Yes, any reason. We might ask you why but that would only be to satisfy our curiosity and make sure we are maintaining our high standards. If you haven't used it, you can return it.

I accepted my delivery but now I want to send the item back to you. Do I have to pay for return postage?

Generally speaking, yes, but talk to us. Our overriding policy is care for our customers.

How long does it take to process a refund?

As long as it takes for you to get the item back to us. Should we receive a return we will process the refund on the day we receive it.

I've been hit! They've asked me to pay tax on my purchase!

Roger that, it happens. It varies from country to country but taxes and duties may be payable upon delivery and they are your responsibility. If they have come as a surprise and you don't want to pay, that's up to you. You have the option of not accepting your delivery and we will refund your purchase price when the goods are returned to us. No hard feelings.

The post office made me pay extra to get my parcel. You owe me!

Um, no we don't.

In addition to collecting tax and duty assessed by the customs office, carriers generally apply a fee to process transactions related to collection of that revenue.  

When your order passes through customs it is assessed for tax and import duty. The carrier (USPS, DHL, Parcelforce Worldwide, PostNord etc.) pays those on your behalf to release the item and recoups this amount from you prior to delivery. The fee is for this service, provided to you, and it is yours to pay.

I don't get it. Why do I pay taxes here when I bought my stuff from Japan?

"Why do I pay taxes" is a broad area of discussion that is beyond the scope of this FAQ.

Apart from their general need to raise money, charging consumption tax on imported purchases is something governments might do to protect local vendors who must meet that cost, unlike sellers like us overseas who don't. Import taxes and customs duty are meant to level the playing field for local industry, implement trade policy and more generally to offset the costs associated with any import regime. That's what we've always thought anyway. An economist or politician might answer differently.

Thank you for reading our Quick FAQ. All done.