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A gift from Knife Japan!


We love tenugui.

We love tenugui! So will you.

There aren't too many things in this world that are handier than a Japanese "tenugui" cloth. Wrap a book, a bottle, a gift, you can even wrap one around your local sushi chef's head. Wipe your hands, your knife, your table, your brow, your plates (not in that order, please).

Warm or cool your neck depending on the season. Cut one into two or three handkerchiefs. Make a mask!

Carry a tenugui with you at all times, they're great in an emergency. Make a sling, bandage your body. Wave down a passing ship! Give one to a fellow traveler and make a friend for life.

Made of simple cotton and printed in a variety of traditional designs, tenugui are also not very expensive, which is why we're giving a bunch of them away to our customers. It's true! For every item you purchase from Knife Japan for the remainder of 2021 you will receive a brand new tenugui!

Soft to the touch, pleasing to the eye, culturally interesting and ecologically friendly - really, who could want for a better freebie?

We've got lots. They're all about 90cm by 33cm, the perfect size. We'll wrap your new knife or scissors in one and send them off to you with a polite bow at the post office. Happy shopping!

(Here's a taste. Your tenugui will be sent on a next-in-the-pile basis.)

We have quite a selection!