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Shigemitsu Hamono / Nagasaki

Ducking under the long shade cloths adorning the Shigemitsu Hamono roadside store in Shimabara city I was greeted by Mrs Inoue, who sits with her husband at the pointy end of the present three-generation family tree. 

The view from the front door of the shop is dramatic. A looming volcano. Mount Unzen. Even the name has a sense of foreboding. Mrs Inoue described a dramatic running escape from the deadly eruption of 1991.

My visit was geologically uneventful, thankfully, and introduced Knife Japan to a family business offering a comprehensive range of hand-forged kitchen knives and outdoor knives to a thriving community of fans around Japan. 

Three generations of the Inoue family man the large factory premises at the southernmost point of the Shimabara peninsula. New knife styles complement longtime solid sellers and classics. We're proud to present a few. More to come!